Found some old funky earrings one day …. took them apart … took some paint  …. and a paintbrush … and voilà! 🙂

Not much of a painter, but really good at painting spots 🙂

The first two are done, ready to be worn …

…. actually wearing the  red & white one, quite often as a matter of  fact.

The blue one is pretty … pretty big … still  trying to get up the nerve to ware it. 

 … and this one is still ‘under construction’ … needs some earhooks or earposts …. or something.

All are wood, painted with acrylic paint and clear lacquer  for  that pretty shine.

So, how do they look?


One thought on “Spotted

  1. I like the blue ones the most 🙂 I adore its retro-ish look. I also have a pair of earrings alike (with beads). Only a slight problem have I encountered: it is not that easy to talk on the phone while having them in your ears…:) So don’t wear them for a busy day, but be sure to have it on when going out or attending a party 😉 They look sensational.

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