And the winner of the Giveaway is ……

… and ….. the contest is over!  🙂

Thanks to everyone who participated, I appreciate everyone who took the time and filled out my Questionnaire. :-*

So, here is the list of people who sent in the surveys, in the order I received them.

1. Amy (Canada)

2. Manea, Alexandra (Romania)

3. Cristina (Portugal)

4. Albert, Kinga

5. Niedermayer, Eni

6. Szekely, Gabriella

7.  Kiss, Agi

8. Lazar, Adriana

9. Timea (Romania)

10. Orsi (Romania)

11. Lakato,s Evi

12. Magyar, Monika

13.Zsigmond Brigitta

14. Lovas Andrea

15. Keki, Vera

16. Peter, Orsolya

17. Szabo, Emese

18. Andi Stupjar

19. Kovacs Kriszta

20.  Mester, Tibor

21. Bondor, Hajnalka

22. Szasz, Imre

23. Mihaela  Irina Gabriela

24. Pal, Kinga Klara

25. Maarja , Ju

26. Rosia, Victoria

Some of you didn’t write your whole name, so to avoid confusion I  wrote the country beside your name 🙂


And the winner iiiiissssss:

Lucky number 2. :  Manea, Alexandra

Congratulations Alexandra, please send  an email to to discuss about your prize :).

For the rest, don’t worry, more giveaways will come soon, so stay tuned!

Now, let’s analyze all your answers! 😉



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