DIY – Pillow case

An older project which has been lying on my bed for quite  some time now …

It measures 36 cm x 38 cm, is made of some really thick green fabric, which I think used to be a drapery at one point, it was sewn by hand and  it’s the easiest project! 🙂

In short:

– I cut out  about a 34 + 2 +2  cm wide and 87 + 2 +2 cm long piece of fabric (the extra 2 cm are for the 2 side seams and hem)

*According to the size of your pillow, you’ll need to adjust these measurements.

 – I then folded and sewed the fabric  according to the ‘diagrams’ below …

…like so:


– I decorated one corner with three different sized flowers and some colourful beads.


And that’s all there is to it.

Enjoy! 🙂


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