DIY – Felt hair clip / pin

Never worked with felt before, but there’s a first time to everything, right?

I did a lot of versions of this air clip / pin until I finally  thought this is acceptable and remained at the version you see in the photo.

Experimentation is everything 🙂

List of tools:

Some instructions:

I think it’s easy enough to figure out how I did it from the picture above, but to be sure here are the steps:

  – cut 2 droplet shapes, one larger than the other (step 1)

 – glue them together (step 2)

 – start sewing some beads around the smaller droplet (step 2)

– if you want, you could sew a little flower on one side as well (step 3)

– cut another droplet shape, larger than the 2 before (step 3)

– glue this larger piece underneath the other two (step 3)

– sew some beads around the middle droplet shape (step 4)

– cut a small rectangular piece and glue the 2 sides of it to the back of the hairclip (leave the middle part unglued, so you could fit the hairclip in) (step 5)

– place your hairclip through the rectangular piece (step 5)

Makes sense? 🙂

This is how it should look. Even though when I started this project I meant it to be a hair clip, I think it looks better as a pin. One bead from the tiny white flower is a bit crooked on the photo, but please look past that 😉



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