Learning new stuff …

… first time etching …. this technique is harder than it looks, at least the way I was shown how to do it ….

brass etched bracelet


8 thoughts on “Learning new stuff …

      1. Haha oops. I should have looked at the tags I suppose. You should make a ring just like this hehe 🙂 But really, either way it’s stunning. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

        1. 🙂 Very kind of you, thank you! Now, that’s a great idea, next time I am going to try this on a ring, it will be tough to make the etching on such a small scale, but looking forward to the challenge 🙂

          1. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve never tried etching and it’s on my list of techniques to learn. Did you learn this through a class or on your own? I was looking through your jewelry on facebook and I’m so surprised that you don’t have any professional training! Have you taken many classes? How are you learning? Anyway… just love your work! 🙂

            1. This bracelet was my first try as well. Needs a lot of practice still.
              So far all that I know I ‘ve learned by myself via the internet, and mostly by experimenting (I consider it to be the best teacher! 🙂 ). There aren’t any real silversmith classes where I live. But there’s a beginner’s jewelry course that just started here and I’m dilligently attending it, but so far all we tried was etching.
              You should deffinitely go for it with the etching, such beautiful textures can be created …. also electrolytic etching seems more ‘clean’, maybe I will rather try that than mess around with acid :).
              Let me know how your experimentation goes 🙂
              By the way, I took a peek at your collection as well and lovely, lovely lovely work you do 🙂 Love those shell earrings and the bronze wax cast ring is gorgeous!

              1. Ohh thank you! I always get so many compliments on the wax cast ring – and I actually bought some wax recently with the intentions of making a few more in the next year. You have done such an incredible job learning such detailed techniques! I’m thoroughly impressed, to say the least 🙂 And I’ll definitely have to try etching as soon as I have the time! It was so nice chatting with you and I’m looking forward to keeping up with your posts 🙂

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