Some chemistry …

Sooooo …… can you guess what this is?!

Some pretty neat stuff happening on my improvised workbench 🙂

exp-salt,vinegar, copper3 exp-salt,vinegar, copper4

How about now?!

Really pretty colors, aren’t they? And I can assure in reality they look just as pretty….kind of like the Greek or Egyptian sea , that’s how blue it is 😉

exp-salt,vinegar, copper1 exp-salt,vinegar, copper2

I’m sure now it’s getting clearer 🙂

exp-salt,vinegar, copper5

Well, the thing was like this:

I made a vinegar and salt solution to clean my copper in it. Last time I used it, I forgot two small copper sheets inside. Yesterday, as I was curious to see what’s that light blue mushroomy stuff growing on the edge of the container (the second two photos), I opened it and saw these black spots. First I thought it was just the dirt, gathered around from the copper sheet, but then I started picking it with a wire and saw that it’s actually something solid …. and when I got it out  …. there was this dark, almost black, pretty, crystally thingy …. pretty cool, huh? 🙂 Never liked chemistry but this is so interesting. I know it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it is for me when I’m growing it without even knowing it :P.

The photos are not that good, but hopefully it’s pretty visible how the salt crystallized …. and that blue colour …. wow, really really pretty. I’m not gonna get into the whole chemestry process, I’ve read about it, not sure if I understood it 100%, but anyhow, I put the crystal back into the solution, hopefully it will get bigger 😀 .

We’ll see in a few weeks…

Crystal-salt,vinegar, copper3 Crystal-salt,vinegar, copper2

Crystal-salt,vinegar, copper1 Crystal-salt,vinegar, copper 4


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