Stocking up


Beadshopping!!!! 🙂

I stocked up with beads and wire last week. No matter how much I buy, when I start working there will  most deffinitely be something that I need which I  haven’t bought. Oh well….

It’s been a while since I did any wire work. My workbench was “under construction” for quite a long time due to the bad weather and the lack of space to actually put it together. But now that it’s finished, today,  all day long I’ve been wrapping my fingers off :). I always find it a  bit hard to get back to work after a longer pause… and today wasn’t any different. Either I am becoming too demanding of myself, (which is good and bad all at once) or I am really out of practice because things just didn’t seem to go as I had hoped for …


Anyhow, hopefully I will be able to bring something new and pretty …. eventually. 😛



4 thoughts on “Stocking up

      1. Mersi de sfat! Te intrebam pentru ca toate bijuteriile tale arata fabulos (adica se vede ca folosesti materiale de calitate) si m-am indragostit de margelele din poza de cum le-am vazut 🙂 Spor la lucru in continuare! 😀

        1. Mersi mult, ma bucur daca iti plac! 🙂 Ma straduiesc sa folosesc materiale de calitate, insa este mai greu de procurat la noi, putini furnizori sunt care au margele de calitate ….

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