I am so thrilled to be able to shout it outloud  that I shipped my first order to Sweden yesterday! Yeyyy :D! And it’s going way up North!!  I really hope it will get there in one piece !

For a while now  I’ve been trying to come up with a simple logo design and packaging style that represents me and my Jewelry. Well, finally,  I think I may have found that 🙂 Take a look below, and tell me what you think? This is how my first international package was shipped out. Simple cardboard boxes, with my logo on top and a green thread to wrap them around. It’s simple and clean and I like it. And olive green is my colour! 🙂

Things are getting shape, finally 🙂

EnikoFenyvesiJewelry packaging 4

EnikoFenyvesiJewelry packaging 3  EnikoFenyvesiJewelry packaging 2

EnikoFenyvesiJewelry packaging 1


6 thoughts on “Packaging

  1. Gyonyoru a csomagolasod, Eni! 🙂 Megkerdezhetem, hogy a dobozkakat te keszited, vagy vasarolod valahonnan? Mar reg keresek teljesen egyszinu szimpla ekszer dobozkakat, de sajnos nem talaltam, ezert raszorulok, hogy elkeszitsem oket magam, vagy munkara fogom a csaladot, de ertheto modon nem mindig jut erre is ido… :))

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