Silver stacking rings

I’ve been wanting a pair of thick stacking rings for so long, but always said I would wait until I can make them myself.

And I did 🙂 So surprised that  my soldering actually worked. As simple as it is to make such a ring, it can give you some pain in the neck, especially if it’s your first try.

Naturall, the soldering is not perfect  and after a thorough inspection today,  I have to admit, it needs a loooot of filing still ….  but good thing  it’s not visibile on the photos. 😉  Maybe this weekend I’ll finish it properly, but tuntil then I will wear it with pride! Deffinitely a step forward for me. Baby step, true, but at least it’s in the right direction.

5 pieces made of 1.5mm thick silver wire. They are about 15.7  mm in diameter and only properly fit my right ring finger 😛


stacking ring 1 copy

stacking ring 5

stacking ring 4

stacking ring 3

stacking ring 2



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