DIY – Rose petal juice

rose petal juice3

Here’s a delicious spring/summertime refreshment idea. I’ve been drinking this since I was little, and I can assure you it’s the yummiest!

We have a special type of rose bush in the garden which makes the most delicious juice. Not sure what type of rose it is, but it is heavily scented with velvety petals, so probably this is what gives that extra strong rose aroma. It’s very easy to make.

rose petal juice

What you’ll need:

– rose petals (about 7-9 roses, depending on their size)

– water (5liters)

– fresh lemon (a few slices)

– sour salt / citric acid  (1 spoon)

– sugar (500gr)


– wash the rose petals thoroughly

– fill up a glass container with water

– add the rose petals with the sugar and the sour salt

– leave it to sit for about 2-3 days, stiring it around from time to time

– when the petals start to lose their color like in the picture below, they are most likely ready

rose petal juice 5

– last step is to strain the juice, put it in the fridge to cool it down

Add a lemon slice with some ice cubes and it is the perfect refresment!


rose petal juice4


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