Silver and white jade bridal set

Long time no posts…

Well,  I kinda had a good excuse 😉

The toughest thing is to make your own jewelry. Especially for such a special occasion as your own wedding. I had such great plans of creating something amazing, out of the ordinary, super extra beautiful with several sketches to go with all that … but then with all the planning and everything else that gathered up during this period … I kinda ran out of time 🙂 … and I ended up having a hard time deciding on which variation to choose,  so in the end, about 2 days before the wedding I created this. It may not be the perfect silver work (still having a hard time learning how to deal with this metal), it may not be the most intricate wire wrapping, but on the spur of the moment this is what resulted …. and with all it simplicity and flaws,  which may or may not be visible on the photos, it just  happens to represent me perfectly! 🙂

silver wire wrapped bridal set3

silver wire wrapped bridal set1

silver wire wrapped bridal set2

silver wire wrapped bridal set4

silver wire wrapped bridal set-5

silver wire wrapped bridal set6


silver wire wrapped bridal set9

silver wire wrapped bridal set7




4 thoughts on “Silver and white jade bridal set

  1. First of all, congratulations! They are beautiful, and that is so special, to have made your own wedding jewellery. It seems to me that the silver draws more attention to the “flow” in your designs than copper does. At least I found myself really looking a lot more in detail at the shapes. Perhaps also because you told the story behind them. Again, congrats, for both your wedding and jewellery!

    1. Thank you, thank you!!! 🙂
      Yes,I was quite stubborn about wearing my own creation 😉
      I was always more drawn to silver and when I started out I worked with silver plated wire, now we all know that will limit you at point, so being on a budget I started “metalwork” on copper. I do hope I can shift onto silver soon and work on my wirework further 🙂

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