Raspberry Chia pudding

I just wanted to know what’s the fuss about this tiny seed, so I made a chia pudding! 🙂

raspberry&banana chia pudding

  • chia seeds
  • soy milk (or almond milk, or coconut milk …)
  • raspberries ( fresh are better I guess, but this time of the year kind of impossible to find, so I used frozen ones)
  • banana
  • honey (optional)
  • cashew for decorating
  1. let about 3-4 tsp of chia seeds soak in soy milk for a few hours ( best to leave it over night)
  2. blend some frozen (or fresh) raspberries and bananas
  3. when the chia seeds have thickened into a pudding like consistency you can add the honey
  4. alternately layer the fruit with the chia pudding into glasses (next time I’ll use smaller ones, these were too large for one serving).
  5. decorate with some left over whole fruits or /and  nuts.

The soaked chia seeds alone don’t have much taste, but combined with fruits they are actually delicious and healthy as well …. so they say…. 😛

Bon appétit!


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