Guess where?

I finally managed to visit the city I’ve been longing to see.

Quite amazing! The weather was not on our side all the time, but strolling through the city can be fun from under an umbrella as well.

So, in a nutshell, we  stared at the fish, found out where chocolate comes from,  were in awe  by amazing architecture, drooled over  candy and fresh fruits, pretended to be huge football fans, tested my fear of heights, enjoyed the city view  from up above, walked  through the park while listening to the “soothing” sound of  parrots and on our last day, when the sun finally decided to show in its full glory we lazed on the beach  until it was time to fly away. 😉

5 days, 3 blisters, and many km of walking …. lovely time! 🙂

…and the essence:

fish choclate CasaBattlo fruit candy stadium teleferic city view mozaik gyik sagrada familia sand beach plane


2 thoughts on “Guess where?

  1. I fell in love with this city at my first short visit and arranged to get back again for a two weeks’ language course. After that, I craved more and saved money to be able to live there as a language student for 8 months. This was a long time ago and I imagine the city has changed since, but still, it keeps an important place in my heart! Still have some beads I bought there, btw.
    Thanks for sharing, I’m glad to hear you had a good time, despite rain and blisters!

    1. Indeed, that city is alive. I loved it! I could easily imagine myself living there. The time we spent there was quite short, but all the more reasons to go back someday 😉

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