Handmade in Romania :)

I am starting off the year by bragging about jewelry. Only this time it won’t be about jewelry that I made, but jewelry made by others. Others, as in fellow handmaders from … where else, but from Romania :).

I went a little crazy last year and bought myself a whole lot of jewelry. But I had a good reason …. it was my Birthday so I just had to surprise myself with something, I mean, if no one else would …, then it was Christmas and my Santa was very generous this year, … then The New Year came  and we all need a nice reward at the end of the year now,  don’t we? …  😀

Anyhow, below you will find jewelry made by some of my favourite handmaders. Unfortunately handmade products are not appreciated enough here as they would be in other countries and some of the truely  talented people are way undervalued …. at least that’s how I see it … but maybe one day that will change.

Handmade Ro3

Different medium, different material, different techniques …. I try to keep them as varied as possible, nice, aren’t they? 🙂

 Handmade Ro4  Handmade Ro2

Numbered  from 1 to 8 , from the left to the right. Scroll down to see who made each. 

handmade RO

I encourage you to browse through each of these shops and facebook galleries  and who knows, maybe you’ll find something pretty for yourself.

1. JewelryBox – the prettiest beadweaving 

– Breslo Shop

2. Papadiile Ruxandrei – very tiny and very detailed paper jewelry

– Blog

3. Jasmin Blanc Boutique – delicate and very feminine ceramic jewelry

– Breslo Shop:

– Etsy Shop

4. Kilyen Manufaktura – flawless woodworking

5. Beart Ceramics – gorgeous ceramic jewelry and also household products

6. BWE – metal, resin, beads, fabric, wood and anything you can think of … she will make you jewelry out of anything 🙂

– Breslo Shop

7. Szekely Agi – unique painted wood jewelry

8. Nairafee – resin jewelry with a tint of nature

– Breslo Shop

Feel free to let me know what you think ! 🙂




DIY – Seed bead bracelet / necklace

A mini project for a lazy afternoon: a colourful bracelet, that can also be worn as a necklace.

It wraps around my wrist for about 8 times and as a necklace for about 3/2 times, depending on how long you prefere it.

Looks nice with a black top 🙂

List of tools:


seed beads (many different colours)

lobster clasp + 2 jump rings

transparent nylon thread (or regular thread)

 I used 5 different colours, alternating them, and using black as the main colour. It’s an easy project you can do even with your kids. You just need to pay attention to the order you string your beads on not to skip any colour. That way the colours will  look nice and uniform. I kept forgetting the black after each colour 🙂

… work in progress

 … and the finished bracelet / necklace


Kinga’s pendant

Materiale: sarma argintata non tarnish, cristale swarovski, perle de cultura

Dimensiuni :aprox 7.5 cm x 6 cm

Silver plated wire, swarovsky cristals, pearls

This pendant was  made on a special request, for Kinga.

She provided the beads and I provided the wire. After a few sketches and drawings, this is what resulted, a sparkly and … quite large pendant. 🙂

This is the first time I tried to combine more colours (even though they are not too contrasty). Usually I stick with one but I think this mix of green, blue and brown has proven to work well on this pendant, at least in my opinion it does. 😉

….but ….. this is not all!

I had two glass cabochons lying around the house and wasn’t sure how to use them, so I gave them to her and asked her to make me something. 🙂

Look at the amazing pieces she has created! I absolutely love them and can not wait to wear them!!!