DIY – Seed bead bracelet / necklace

A mini project for a lazy afternoon: a colourful bracelet, that can also be worn as a necklace.

It wraps around my wrist for about 8 times and as a necklace for about 3/2 times, depending on how long you prefere it.

Looks nice with a black top 🙂

List of tools:


seed beads (many different colours)

lobster clasp + 2 jump rings

transparent nylon thread (or regular thread)

 I used 5 different colours, alternating them, and using black as the main colour. It’s an easy project you can do even with your kids. You just need to pay attention to the order you string your beads on not to skip any colour. That way the colours will  look nice and uniform. I kept forgetting the black after each colour 🙂

… work in progress

 … and the finished bracelet / necklace



DIY – Felt hair clip / pin

Never worked with felt before, but there’s a first time to everything, right?

I did a lot of versions of this air clip / pin until I finally  thought this is acceptable and remained at the version you see in the photo.

Experimentation is everything 🙂

List of tools:

Some instructions:

I think it’s easy enough to figure out how I did it from the picture above, but to be sure here are the steps:

  – cut 2 droplet shapes, one larger than the other (step 1)

 – glue them together (step 2)

 – start sewing some beads around the smaller droplet (step 2)

– if you want, you could sew a little flower on one side as well (step 3)

– cut another droplet shape, larger than the 2 before (step 3)

– glue this larger piece underneath the other two (step 3)

– sew some beads around the middle droplet shape (step 4)

– cut a small rectangular piece and glue the 2 sides of it to the back of the hairclip (leave the middle part unglued, so you could fit the hairclip in) (step 5)

– place your hairclip through the rectangular piece (step 5)

Makes sense? 🙂

This is how it should look. Even though when I started this project I meant it to be a hair clip, I think it looks better as a pin. One bead from the tiny white flower is a bit crooked on the photo, but please look past that 😉


DIY – simple clay earrings

Once upon a time, on a not so interesting day, I decided to give polymer clay another (2nd) try. Just because the first time the clay turned into a funny colour, that doesn’t mean the second time should be a failure as well, right?

So, in case you find yourself on a borring day as well, having nothing better to do and feel like giving these a try, below you will find some instructions.

It is really easy. 🙂

You’ll need:
– some smooth work suface ( I used a piece of glass from a picture frame)

– cutter or anything that will cut your clay into the desired shape

– glue

– clay ( here I used red and white)

– roller (don’t have one, so I used a small bottle, or a glass will do as well)

– buttons or anything else that will make a pattern on your clay

– clear lacquer or plain ol’ nail polish will do just fine ( glittery polish for the  white earrings :))

* later edit: really useful advice I just got from somebody who is an advance clay user –  nail polish will become sticky  in time, so it’s better to use  water based  lacquer. Noted! 🙂

– earstuds (to be glued onto to back of the earrings)


– roll out a piece of clay (I made mine a little over 1 mm thick)

– press the button (or whatever else you have at hand) onto your clay for a nice pattern

– cut out the shape

– bake it ( instruction on the package of you polymer clay)

– if the edges are too rough you can sandpaper them. I did mine a bit.

– cover the pieces with nail polish water based lacquer to give them some shine;

– after they are dried, glue the earstuds onto the back.

And you’re done! 🙂
So easy that it didn’t even need instructions, right?