DIY – Jewelry holder

I’ve been dreaming about the perfect jewelry organizer for a long time, the one that will fit all my jewelry and will display it nice and clearly so I wouldn’t have to keep them in boxes any longer. Well, I  found this perfect jewelry holder on the internet, but I doubt that I will ever get my hands on something like that, so in the mean time, I decided to make my own. There are so many creative ideas for jewelry holders, just browse through pinterest or google and you’ll find a bunch.

The ones that I liked the most were the ones made of old picture frames.

Below is my version of it.

Here’s how I did it.

I used :

2 pieces of picture frame (one for the earrings and one for the necklaces)

white paint + paint brush

nails + hammer + pliers


satin  ribbon +lace


ruler + pencil


1. The earring holder:

– Took an old picture frame and sand papered it; then I applied several coats of white paint.

– After it dried completley,  I measured 3  points at equal distances, on both left and right side of the back of the  frame, where I hammered 6 nails, 3 on each side – don’t hammer them all the way through, leave about 2 mm out.  Also be careful to use shorter and smaller nails, especially if the frame is as thin as mine was, otherwise while hammering, the sharp end of the nail may come through on the other side.

– I cut 3 straps of equal length lace and pulled a piece of wire through each 3 of them. (the wire is for extra support  and it needs to be slightly longer than the lace)

– then I wrapped the wire around the nails on both sides of the frame – when you do this, make sure the wire is pulled out as much as it can be and it is thight enough. Even though earrings are not so heavy to pull the wire down, it still looks better if the straps of lace are straight and aligned parallel with one other.

– I glued the two ends of the lace onto the back of the frame for extra stability

– for a hanger I used some satin ribbon (the second picture below shows how I attached it to the frame)

2. Neckalce holder

– painted the frame, glued a black cardboard as a background and hammered 5 nails on the upper part and 4 below; simple as that


Still have to figure out a jewelry display for the other half I still have in boxes 🙂



Found some old funky earrings one day …. took them apart … took some paint  …. and a paintbrush … and voilà! 🙂

Not much of a painter, but really good at painting spots 🙂

The first two are done, ready to be worn …

…. actually wearing the  red & white one, quite often as a matter of  fact.

The blue one is pretty … pretty big … still  trying to get up the nerve to ware it. 

 … and this one is still ‘under construction’ … needs some earhooks or earposts …. or something.

All are wood, painted with acrylic paint and clear lacquer  for  that pretty shine.

So, how do they look?