Copper earrings

And some simple everyday earrings.

Hammered copper wire with pale green glass beads. Measures 6 cm in length.

copp-4.w copp-1.w

copp-3.w. copp-2.w

Copper accessories with large red wooden beads. Measures aproximately 6 cm in length.

copp-4.w copp-3.w

copp-1.w copp-2.w



Red balloons – earrings

Materiale: sarma argintata non tarnish, margele mari, rosii din lemn, accesorii argintate

Dimensiuni: 7 cm lungime

Non tarnish silver plated wire, large, red wooden beads, silver plated accessories

The beads are quite large, so it’s more for the daring type 😛