Copper rings

Finally I was able to finish these two rings yesterday  evening and managed to photograph them as well. 

So here they are, my first two copper rings using metal sheet. I have to say I absolutely loved making these. It is so much different than silver plated wire. It is so much more flexible to work with; you can saw it, hammer it, drill it, solder it, polish it … and I could go on …. just endless new possibilities… hope you’ll enjoy these pieces.

The first one, and one of my persoanal favourites is this pinkish purple faceted jade ring. The bead looks slightly lighter in shade than it actually is, in reality it’s more purple than pink, but it is pretty. The ring is not adjustable, it has a fixed diameter of about 1.8 cm, just perfect for my finger ;).


copp-03.w copp-05.w

copp-06.w copp-01.w

The second one is an adjustable one, with a small 0.8 mm moonstone in the center. For extra detail I added underneath a small copper bead cap.


copp-04.w  copp.02.w


I have plenty more to show, but it will be sometime over this weekend. I still need to finish some of them, then photograph each … but hopefully it will not take me too long 🙂



Copper … again …

Continuing my experimentation with copper sheet, here are two pairs of earrings I made 2 weekends ago.

Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, just practicing my sawing and texturing 🙂 (they both need some more work 😉 )


Not sure about these sticks, but here they are anyway 🙂

Quite a different look from my wire work, right? 🙂

…experimentation with copper …

… continues…

Although the idea is not new, I’ve seen similar designs on the internet, I thought it would be an easy enough project to try 🙂

I have to say, metalsmithing is tougher than it may seem, especially if you lack all the necessary tools, but it’s that much more satisfying when you have the end result in your hands.

Surely the ring may not be perfectly round, or it’s surface may not be perfectly smooth, nor polished and I deffinetly  need a whooooole lot of more practice, but as a first ring project I think it’s quite acceptable. 🙂  What do you think?