Copper wire wrapped ring

Finally done with a set of new jewelry I’ve been working on for a while now. I can work mostly on weekends only so it took me a while  …

Still have a few photos left to take and then I’m in for some editing, but I’ll start uploading more soon.

As a starter, here’s a simple , yet stylish :),   copper wire wrapped ring.

copper wire wrapped ring1.w

copper wire wrapped ring4.w copper wire wrapped ring3.w

copper wire wrapped ring2.w


Copper earrings

And some simple everyday earrings.

Hammered copper wire with pale green glass beads. Measures 6 cm in length.

copp-4.w copp-1.w

copp-3.w. copp-2.w

Copper accessories with large red wooden beads. Measures aproximately 6 cm in length.

copp-4.w copp-3.w

copp-1.w copp-2.w